Bernie Gross wears "White Gold" T-Shirt in Freshness Magazine (article)

 Name: Bernie Gross

Occupation: Art Director of EXTRA BUTTER
Bottom: Publish Brand (Jogger Pants)
Accessory: EXTRA BUTTER (Snapback Cap), Wrestling-Themed Buttons (Self Made)
Footwear: EXTRA BUTTER x Saucony Shadow Master "Space Snack" (Sneaker)

Chances are, you won’t see Bernie Gross at EXTRA BUTTER’s newest retail outpost in New York City. But he’s there, or more accurately, in the store’s sub-terrain office, feverishly working on the latest project. Along with friend, EB's co-founder Jason Faustino, Gross helped to establish EXTRA BUTTER as one of the premiere destination for all things kicks related. While there is an overabundance of sneaker/streetwear boutiques within walking distances, EXTRA BUTTER pride itself of being somewhat “different”. How so? Well, when EXTRA BUTTER opened its first location in Rockville Centre, Long Island, Gross and Faustino made sure the store not only had the newest models and a full-run of product selections, the two also made sure that every customers walked through those doors were treated as their friends. In no time, the Rockville Centre location became a dive bar of sort, where sneaker-heads from near and far gathered and socialize. Sensing that sort of camaraderie missing in New York City, they’re hoping that they can reverse that trend.

Photography by: Sam Alive

Produced by: Dan Hwang

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